Many E-commerce portals sell thousands of musical instruments online that look like Belear products. Some of them even feature our trademark and logo on the products. Counterfeit guitars do not provide the feel, sound, and quality like original Belear musical instruments.

We and our business partners have heard many complaints from customers who have purchased such items thinking that they were getting the best in class products, in the end, they were getting copied products.

Belear is committed to provide only professional quality musical instruments that include guitars, drums & percussions, wind instruments, and accessories at an affordable price range. Our continuous efforts counter such aims. We also provide open information to our customers so that they can make intelligent buying decisions and assure they are getting real and original products by Belear.

The best and authentic way to buy our products without being cheated is to buy from an authorized Belear retailer or Belear official website.


A counterfeit product is nearly a copy of the original product. At first sight, it may seem to be alike to the original in terms of technical and visual features. However, the quality and craftsmanship of the counterfeits can be instantly shown.


Belear is not responsible for any type of warranties, repair, and damage of any counterfeit product.


As counterfeit products may not meet the legal requirements of Belear manufacturing process in terms of materials, workmanship, and safety Belear is not liable whatsoever for any damage that may be caused by such products.


The manufacturing and unauthorized sale of such products violates competition laws, corporate rights, and trademark rights tend to legal actions. The import and purchase of counterfeit products are not authorized, either, and incur fines ranging from the seizure of the goods to high fines. Belear holds all the rights to take appropriate legal action on such activities.

Our team is working continuously to stop the sale and distribution of counterfeit musical instruments. In case any customer found a seller offering counterfeit Belear products, Do inform us by mail.

Important Note-

Belear is not responsible for any loss or prejudice incurred from purchasing counterfeit products. It’s the buyer's responsibility to use caution while purchasing Belear products at any non-authorized dealer or auction website.